On Being Square

You thought you had me down-

Squarely pegged in your round hole-

Always failed to fit your mold-

Hid my face and sold my soul.


You thought you knew my lines-

Formed words to fill my silence-

Merely filling up your mind-

Fitting me in your fence.


A square is bound by rules-

Of perfect symmetry-

Enslaved by strict dimensions-

Limited by simplicity.


Perfect angles with straight lines-

I’m a master of disguise-

Carefully hidden from your view-

This great divide where I reside.


A tangled mess- an irregular form-

Shifting and pushing against the norm-

You keep your hole- it’s too uniform-

Hold what you know- while I transform!


A Quiet Revolution

Always feel out of the movement, constantly prone to speak dissent, tell me it’s straight I’ll say get bent.

Never feel part of the in crowd, soaking in silence while others get loud, with  conventional wisdom I ain’t cowed.

Past days I may’ve been brainwashed, swallowing truth, feared I’d get trashed- now I speak my own mind though I get bashed.

Only truth I know now is to question, sets one onto paths of new lessons and the first step is second guessing.

Time to embrace some defiance as the only sure means for reliance, searching for truth is a science.

And now I feel part of this wild earth where every great mind has it’s rebirth from somebody questioning its real worth.

Second Sight

Used to think I’d be better off dead-

dark little fairies danced visions of dread-

freeze frame captured a bullet to the head-

where others saw pink I only saw red.

Used to be blinded by a veil that was dark-

living each day just to check off the mark-

a “to do” existence had lost its spark-

a downward spiral became my arc.

But I’m done running & ripping & drifting around-

done stumbling & fumbling & falling to ground-

done grumbling & griping & mumbling each sound-

off a last second shot snatched one more rebound.

Sure I’ll stagger or stammer or slip on my way-

as I still learn my lines & my part in this play-

no more running the tape seeking when to replay-

my mind’s stuck in present at the end of each day.

Only black that I see is a deep dreamless sleep-

only red is the sunrise after alarm calls out beep-

only time I may fall is from taking a leap-

only loss is my love that I’ve learned not to keep.

Only bullets I spray are my words in the air-

only blood is my passion in front of you bare-

only voices and visions compel me to dare-

to start living & laughing & lighting a flare.

Just a spark in the dark can provide enough light-

just a lift off the canvas keeps me ’round in the fight-

just a change in my mindset got me living life right-

opened my eyes and discovered new sight.








Facing F.E.A.R.

just Fuck Everything And Run

made me feel undone

dark clouds replaced the sun

mistakes had weighed a ton.


Pain An Impulse always Near

trapped me frozen stuck in fear

saw no safe place I could steer

paralyzed far from the clear.


Finally now I see New Day

spring arrives in month of May

sunshine lighting my new way

drying out death and decay.


Healing Old Pains in the End

not a break but just a bend

suddenly I’m on the mend

from ashes rising to transcend


to Fly Unfettered Courage Key

to light horizon that I see

forging new reality

regrets removed at last I’m free.


Perhaps All I truly Need

is to kill each fear just like a weed

no more crying when I bleed

move right on, plant one more seed.


At last Night conquered by bright Dawn

I’m not consumed by what went wrong

won’t live resigned to be a pawn

finding new life I press on.


Face Everything And Recover

confronting clouds that hover

dance freely with another

renewal now my lover.

Measuring Stick

How do we measure a life?

The wealth we attain-

The power we possess-

The IQ of our brain-

By who we impress?

That measure just doesn’t seem true

When we lose all the stuff we accrue.

So how do we measure a life?

The steps that we take-

The words that we write-

The friends that we make-

The wrongs that we fight.

Measure what matters

And count what is true,

Then even though days are too few

You lived to one hundred and two.

Walking at Dawn as I Gaze at the Sun

Walking at Dawn as I Gaze at the Sun

Sunrise, sunrise-

you have opened up my eyes,

cast away this old disguise

and shown me truth.

Sunrise, sunrise-

at last I have grown wise,

no longer telling lies,

I walk with you.

Sunrise, sunrise-

even when there’s clouds in skies,

still the soaring eagle flies

inside of me.

Sunrise, sunrise-

you have broken all the lies,

soothed my aching soul that cries,

you’ve set me free.

Sunrise, sunrise-

now I clearly see the sun

cross the far dark horizon

and bring new light.

Sunrise, sunrise-

shows the darkness has not won,

for you sacrificed your son

my future’s bright.

Sunrise, sunrise-

this work will not be done,

help me walk on and not run,

staying on your path that feels so right.

Sunrise, sunrise-

for me you are the one;

I give praise for what you’ve done,

revitalized my will to fight.

You’ve made me whole- restored my soul- I give control-

I trust in you- to make me new- What can we do?-

You’ve made me whole- restored my soul-

I give control.

Vulnerable Fortress

My inability to show vulnerability is holding me back; this proclivity to doubt true divinity  pulls me off track.

From rebound to break down to panic attack,  recycle the cycle the world turns to black.

A desolate stare, a pit of despair, a flickering flare, an unanswered prayer- struggling to bear this fear to stand bare.

My mind starts to weave, this feeling won’t leave, just want to retrieve that thing I believe.

In silence I wait, been humbled by fate, this state I create I can also abate. No need to wait, consumed by self hate, as new dawn declares it’s never too late.

I stand naked revealing true feelings I claim, find healing while reeling embracing my name.

Weary and weak morphs to standing and strong- done feeling ashamed, this is my song.