On Being Square

You thought you had me down-

Squarely pegged in your round hole-

Always failed to fit your mold-

Hid my face and sold my soul.


You thought you knew my lines-

Formed words to fill my silence-

Merely filling up your mind-

Fitting me in your fence.


A square is bound by rules-

Of perfect symmetry-

Enslaved by strict dimensions-

Limited by simplicity.


Perfect angles with straight lines-

I’m a master of disguise-

Carefully hidden from your view-

This great divide where I reside.


A tangled mess- an irregular form-

Shifting and pushing against the norm-

You keep your hole- it’s too uniform-

Hold what you know- while I transform!


Facing F.E.A.R.

just Fuck Everything And Run

made me feel undone

dark clouds replaced the sun

mistakes had weighed a ton.


Pain An Impulse always Near

trapped me frozen stuck in fear

saw no safe place I could steer

paralyzed far from the clear.


Finally now I see New Day

spring arrives in month of May

sunshine lighting my new way

drying out death and decay.


Healing Old Pains in the End

not a break but just a bend

suddenly I’m on the mend

from ashes rising to transcend


to Fly Unfettered Courage Key

to light horizon that I see

forging new reality

regrets removed at last I’m free.


Perhaps All I truly Need

is to kill each fear just like a weed

no more crying when I bleed

move right on, plant one more seed.


At last Night conquered by bright Dawn

I’m not consumed by what went wrong

won’t live resigned to be a pawn

finding new life I press on.


Face Everything And Recover

confronting clouds that hover

dance freely with another

renewal now my lover.


I am reborn, came out of the storm;

I am renewed have found what is true.

I gave you my soul, you’ve taken control;

I gave you my strife, I gave you my life.

Take me to places that I’ve never dreamed,

Let me see colors that I’ve never seen,

My eyes opened wide, I’ve swallowed my pride-

I give you control, give life to my soul.

I am reborn- no longer torn-

no longer worn- I am reborn.

Now I am new- What will we do?

With morning dew, I walk with you.

Take me to places that I’ve never dreamed,

Let me see colors that I’ve never seen.

Renew my soul, I give you control.

Show me what’s true as I walk with you,

You’ve seen me through- now I am new.

A Splinter of Sun

A Splinter of Sun

I was broken and battered and bruised;

I was running in circles confused;

I was thinking it’s all just a ruse,

numbing pain with drugs and booze.


I was broken and battered and bruised,

even thinking it’s time for a noose,

often claiming there’s nothing to lose

with dark voices compelling to choose.


Then dark clouds covered the sun,

I lost my will to have fun.

Looking back at all I had done

felt there was nowhere left to run.


Then the rains came from skies-

washed away all my disguise-

cleansing all of my lies-

and I opened my eyes.


A splinter of sun touched my face,

I knelt on my path in this race,

decided was time to embrace

Great Spirit’s unending grace.


I may be broken and battered and bruised

but I still have time to choose,

sing to me you are my muse

these are the words I will choose:


Today my path is new,

I’m gonna come out of the blue,

see colors of different hue,

exploding as I walk with you.


I am healed I am helped I am held,

my spirit is yours to weld;

done sticking with my old form,

you’ve carried me through the storm.

On this day I am reborn,

you’ve carried me through the storm,

I am no longer torn.

A Simple Prayer

I will never be perfect but I can be right;

Open my eyes, give me your sight.

Take all my pain, whisk it away,

Replace it with joy at dawn of day.

Show me your path, lighten my load,

Carry me Lord, along this long road.

Open my ears, help me to hear

Creator’s soft words, telling me not to fear.

Get right with God, get right with me;

Mold me today, that is my plea.


4/20 Reflections

4/20 Reflections

Purple haze cleared with morning dawn, drug abuse stopped after years too long. Others can reach for an afternoon buzz but this addict’s seen what being stoned does:

Lost my dreams, my will, my fight; conceded my pride, my promise, my light; let go my control, my grit, my might. All I got back is pain, weakness and blight.

4:20 today I’ll look at that clock, might think about bud but instead I’ll take stock, can’t reclaim what’s lost but infinity’s to gain, as I’m finally alive, no longer insane.

4:20 today I’ll deep breathe the air, slowly exhaling, without any despair. Purity offers a most pleasant high, no longer sedated, just getting by.

4:20 today I might feel a brief sting, growing tempted again to turn to Kush King. Experience shows false comfort he brings, past paths all reveal he clips down my wings.

4:20 passes then comes 4:21. Clear eyed and proud, I’ll look up to the sun. The 4:20 life, for me, at last done. Free at last, free at last, my life has begun!