American Horror Story

Two years ago:

the thrill of victory,

utter ecstasy,

a blissful memory-

American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown!!!


Now in the news:

the agony of defeat,

not another tweet,

Trump fills mouth with feet-

American Horror Story- the Orange Clown.


On Horses and Humans: Reflection on Travers Stakes 2015

On Horses and Humans: Reflection on Travers Stakes 2015

They drove around the corner, dueling for the lead;
Frosted jostling Pharoah, the crowd roared their plead.
Back and forth they battled- the margin shrinking shorter.
Fighting all he could, Pharoah gave no quarter.

Roaring down the stretch, the crowd’s crazed cheer was swelled;
Our hearts became elated, our horse would not be held,
Pharoah thawed out Frosted- not frozen on this day.
Then suddenly- before us- vict’ry slipped away.

Joyful roars were silenced, replaced by solemn cries;
Frozen hearts deflated, as Keen Ice sprinted by.
Paradise was shattered, a foe had beat our champ,
Scattered in the margins, cheers came in other camps.

Ripping up our tickets, collectively we sighed;
Shocked and disappointed, “What happened?” we all cried.
Another seized the moment, with one explosive burst;
Our champion was bested. Sometimes you don’t run first.

Winners sometimes lose; heroes sometimes fall.
The test of a true champ is giving it your all.
Sometimes in the backstretch, the ice can storm right past,
But with a heart of fortitude the chill will never last.

Pharoah came in second, but who am I to cry?
Life cannot be scripted, no point in asking why.
The people’s horse defeated- no problem for this fan.
Some days we win while losing: the irony of man.