I am TRYIN’TOBENEW, at last reconciled with all that I do, finally at peace with all who I am, not holding back this flood with a damn; no longer ashamed with what I done wrong, embracing each note as part of my song.

I am TRYIN’TOBENEW, alive in the moment, seeing what’s true: my past has pitfalls but also peaks that left the old me spiraling and weak. Now I know that’s just where I’ve been but dwelling on sin is no way to win.

I am TRYIN’TOBENEW, eyes on the sunrise, awake with the dew, walking each morning- a fresh new start- feeling the strength of my pumping heart, resting to see world’s colors explode, asking my God to lighten my load.

I am TRYIN’TOBENEW, one step at a time, He’s seeing me through; taking my time, measuring my stride, having opened my soul the world’s open wide. No longer consumed by anger and wrath, feeling at peace at this place in my path.

I am TRYIN’TOBENEW, still with the sunset, not lost in a zoo, eyes are still open, soul still awake, now letting go of all that I take; suddenly swelling, new life fills the hole, no longer in pieces, finally I’m whole.

I am TRYIN’TOBENEW, full moon rises as I do too. Wild yet tame, I look to the sky, humbled by life, not asking “why?” Breaking the silence, “Who?” asks the owl. No longer in doubt I reply with a howl:


How about you?



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