Second Sight

Used to think I’d be better off dead-

dark little fairies danced visions of dread-

freeze frame captured a bullet to the head-

where others saw pink I only saw red.

Used to be blinded by a veil that was dark-

living each day just to check off the mark-

a “to do” existence had lost its spark-

a downward spiral became my arc.

But I’m done running & ripping & drifting around-

done stumbling & fumbling & falling to ground-

done grumbling & griping & mumbling each sound-

off a last second shot snatched one more rebound.

Sure I’ll stagger or stammer or slip on my way-

as I still learn my lines & my part in this play-

no more running the tape seeking when to replay-

my mind’s stuck in present at the end of each day.

Only black that I see is a deep dreamless sleep-

only red is the sunrise after alarm calls out beep-

only time I may fall is from taking a leap-

only loss is my love that I’ve learned not to keep.

Only bullets I spray are my words in the air-

only blood is my passion in front of you bare-

only voices and visions compel me to dare-

to start living & laughing & lighting a flare.

Just a spark in the dark can provide enough light-

just a lift off the canvas keeps me ’round in the fight-

just a change in my mindset got me living life right-

opened my eyes and discovered new sight.









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