Clean cut-

Nice strut-

Looked strong-

Tight gut.


Clear eyes-

Seemed wise-

Knew truth-

From lies.


Calm speech-

Preach teach-

Sweet words-

Had reach.


Kind man-

Dark tan-

Smooth skin-

Clear plan.




For Mice and Men-

Things spoil.


Shaken stance-

Pose askance-

Strength sapped-

Lost dance.


Blurred view-

World askew-

Left or right-

What to do?


Slurred sounds-

Out of bounds-

Tongue tied-



Hurt soul-

Wrong goal-

Fell down-

No role.



Got found-

Picked self-

Off ground.


Standing tall-

After fall-

Got grit-

Long haul.


Seeing straight-

Not too late-

Ups and downs-

Trusting fate.


True thoughts-

Life taught-

Insight gained-

Hard fought.


Healed heart-

Fresh start-

Deep down-

New part.


One journey-

No key-

Long road-

Finally free.


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