Bring It

Some say leave it behind, push the past out of mind; free yourself from that bind, churn on in daily grind. Forget where you have been- that’s the way to win. Never remembering when you lost your soul to sin.

They say past is past, a ship without a mast. Move on by moving fast- I say that just won’t last. Can’t leave it all behind, push it far out of mind; some day you’ll surely find that’s just another bind.

I say bring it, bring it now. That’s the only way I know how: ain’t forgetting where I been- that’s the way to win. Tomorrow is today; can’t let it slip away. Although I’ve moved on, my past is part of my song.

I am everyday, everyday of my life; memories they still stay, never forgetting strife. Everyday is me: the good times and the bad. That’s who I need to be, to no longer be driven mad.

Don’t forget where you been, denying who you are- that’s the way to begin soothing a tender scar. Bring it, bring it now: only way I know how.

To be whole on this day, these are the words I will pray:

Help me feel at peace, free from my disease; always remembering when you let me begin again. Saved me from lion’s den, washed away my sin. That’s the way we win, letting new life begin.

Bring it, bring it here- that’s the way to see clear. No need to live in fear, past can’t disappear. All of my life, all of my days, everything is here.




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