Waiting at the Well

Do I want to get well? Cast aside sickness & leave behind hell?  Dip toes in the water & drink from the well?  Again, I’m asked, do I want to get well?

Am I ready to follow?  Eat from a feast that won’t leave me hollow?  An abundance of riches, more than I can swallow? Am I ready to relent control & learn how to follow?

Can I learn how to fly?  Leave behind this life of just getting by?  Turn from my tears & howl my cry?  Is it time to try & learn how to fly?

Will I ever let go?  Admit there’s so much to learn I don’t know?  Prune dying branches so new sprouts can grow?  Quit holding on & finally let go?

On this day I surrender, at last find release.  Through giving myself I’ve finally found peace.  Haunting ghosts of past finally cease,  incessant angst of tomorrow decrease.

The well of life swells toward me, it was always my blindness that stopped me to see. I pick up my mat and cast aside fear, knowing all that I need will always be near.

Do I want to get well,  I’m asked at the well.  Yes,  I reply,  to my sickness farewell!!




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