High on Love

I need a new drug – this time gonna go with love- suck it in and breathe it out- turn my world inside out.

Gonna find a new high- help me get on by- soothe my cries and dry my eyes- givin’ something new a try.

Gotta get a new buzz- a way to feel like fuzz- no more just because- see what lovin’ does.

Wanna feel all lit- take another hit- got no need to quit- to my love submit.

Love will make me drunk- end this endless funk- clear away this junk- lift a heart that’s sunk.

No more comin’ down- feelin’ jerked around- lift me off the ground- lost in love I’m found.

Take my new drug love- first in god above- flyin’ like a dove- give my heart a shove.

So let’s all get all high- givin’ love a try- no more askin’ why- love will help us fly!


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