A New Vision

Can you hear the whispers of who you’re meant to be? Clearly expressed voices of simplicity, offering new hope for true identity, overcoming jibes of toxicity, pulling us towards authenticity. Listen to the whispers with me.

Can you see the visions of where you belong? Joyfully singing a unique song, letting go of all that’s gone wrong, no longer hidden among the throng, at last where we dreamed all along. Close your eyes- the vision is strong.

Can you imagine that dreams can be real? Our festering wounds finally healed, no longer consumed by chronic ordeal, driven instead by resolve of steel, always awed by life’s ¬†reveal. Believe with me, the ideal is real.

Can you hope for a moment that this can come true? Our desires reality out of the blue, an abundance of bliss- not just for a few, whenever we fail, beginning anew, barriers shattered as we all break through. Pushed by belief, let’s shift our worldview.

Listen and see, taste and believe; we can achieve all we conceive. All in a moment, all with a dream, a listless life becomes supreme.


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