If this were the last day of my life, how would I live?*

Time will be spent in solitude, listening for guidance from my soul, reminding me softly who I am, refocusing my mind on my goal.

Time will be spent with family, laughter will ring out loud, hands will be held, words will be said, allowing us all to feel proud.

Time will be spent as a student, learning with each new day, always remaining humble, never proclaiming my way.

Time will be spent as a teacher, assuring that all get their turn, never providing the answers, inspiring others to learn.

Time will be spent as a father, not hovering too close above, allowing my children to stumble, still offering all of my love.

Time will be spent with my friends, unmasked as we truly are, encouraging all on our journey, not drunk in a darkened bar.

Time will be spent reflecting, alone at the end of the day, content in the present moment, knowing I’ve found my own way.

Then finally welcoming silence, which softly brings me rest, I’ll allow time to drift away, knowing I’ve passed the day’s test.   

*This piece was written in response to a seminar discussing Socrates, the father of philosophers and one of the world’s great teachers.  Although Socrates knew his death would come at the end of the day, he lived his final hours the way he always had- teaching, speaking, listening, loving. The challenge was to give some thought to how I would live my final day and then live that way- everyday!

How would you live if it were your last day? What would you be sure to do? Not to do?  How closely aligned is your everyday experience with your hypothetical last gasp at life? If anyone cares to take the Socratic Challenge feel free to link a response!


3 thoughts on “Socratic Challenge (or how I learned to start living by thinking about dying)

  1. I would write a lot (first thing!), talk the most special people in my life all day, sing, dance, paint, swim, work out and do a bit of study… And the day will get over!👻


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