King Chaos Reigns

Everything falls apart; all is now lost.

Nothing stays together; all is turned and tossed.

Straight paths departed; all now criss and cross.

Solid footing slides away; trails covered with moss.

Everyone fights for power, nobody has a boss;

Reigning, in the tower, stands King Chaos.


World spins faster-

Lost faith in forecasters-

Have doubt in newscasters-

No one is my master.


Head spins wild-

what’s loved now reviled-

losses unreconciled-

I’m an angry child.


We continually crash-

colliding in a flash-

actions & reactions rash-

creating beauty or trash?


King Chaos reigns.

Everyone their own boss. Nobody fights for power.

Trails, covered with moss, slide us to another land: all now criss and cross, straight paths departed, all is turned and tossed. Nothing stays together. All is lost; everything falls apart.

This is where we start.










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