Abstinence Song

I can ignore your Siren’s call,

Too many times you’ve made me fall.

Once I use, I become small-

Without you here, I have it all.

Keep on calling- I stand tall!


At times I questioned where I belong.

You made me feel right by doing wrong.

I run from you fast, I change my song.

My need for you is long, long gone.

Without your crutch, I am strong.


You took my peace, stole my pride.

No longer free, my hands were tied.

An honest man, I often lied,

Looked in the mirror, as tears were cried.

Each time I used, part of me died.


I leave behind acts of a sociopath,

Destroying myself in personal bloodbath,

Blaming carnage on a cold God’s wrath.

Done complicating, see life’s simple math:

Now at peace at this place in my path.


Every day living like it’s my last day.

Down on my knees to Higher Spirit I pray:

Give me your insight, show me your way,

Reveal to me now my part in this play,

Mold me great potter, I am your clay.


3 thoughts on “Abstinence Song

  1. The song is really nice but why are you sounding sad? Live the day you have… Why to think abt the last always! I mean I am not discouraging you… It’s just what I felt after reading your posts!


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