Took a stab

at rehab;

now I don’t wanna grab

another bud

fueling false love.

Reach instead to God above.

Feeling changed-


not dead, deranged and drained.

At last I’m whole;

gave up control

to higher Spirit of my soul.

I had failed-

entered jail-

was off the tracks, life derailed.

On prison floor

an open door

shining light, a chance to soar.

Spirit cried,

tears dried.

In God above I now abide.

She lights my path,

not bringing wrath,

provides a high that’s built to last.

In darkest hour,

found power

that led me to a higher tower.

Got weak to become strong;

felt right seeing wrong;

at last I found a place to belong.

In the light

of the night

opened my eyes, regained my sight.

Stuck in the grey

of darkest day,

let go my will and found my way.

Now life is new-

not shades of blue-

my Higher Power saw me through

deepest valley

and darkest night.

I’m found not lost,

I’ve seen the light.


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