Sometimes we wish we could party like it’s 1999: days of feeling Delirious, dreams of Diamonds & Pearls, visions of zooming around in a Little Red Corvette. But those days have all gone Pop. Life back then, spent on Alphabet St., evokes memories of crying out Let’s Go Crazy! Weekend after weekend, exuberance overflowing, we looked in the mirror and thought U Got the Look & we believed that we could get The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. Her Kiss was ours & when she proclaimed I Would Die 4 U, we were fooled.

Today, a decade and 7 years after 1999, so much has changed.  What Sign O’ the Times show that the Prince became a King and then the King grew old? That which was white is Cream, at best, if not sullied even more. The most  beautiful girl in the Raspberry Beret, who we courted by offering a special type of love, has moved on, as the love we offered led us both to gently weep. In the silent nights of our lives, Thieves in the Temple whisked away our youth, our sense of immortality, our belief that we were unique.

And what has been left behind? Tortured, resilient sounds When Doves Cry; melancholy, bittersweet skies crying Purple Rain; music from a Prince, who left behind art & memories as monuments for each distinct stage of life. And, of course, the undefinable, immeasurable mark of the man himself: always evolving, never complacent, often  transcending. His legacy of sound & dance, massed together, provides an unpronounceable symbol of a passionate life, making us all release a cry that has been dormant for far too long: I Could Never Take the Place of Your, Man! I want to live like you, dance like you, create like you, innovate like you, inspire like you!

1999 recedes farther & farther into the rear view mirror. The Prince is dead. But “Don’t cry;” the music & the man remain, as an artist’s life is never in vain. We’ve just reached another end- or is at a new beginning?- and “It’s time we all reach out for something new.” I Wish U Heaven, Prince, and hold fast to faith, faith that a bright light with a dark side can run that final race, donning ruffled lace, saved by grace. Heaven just became a hotter place.



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