Purple haze cleared with morning dawn, drug abuse stopped after years too long. Others can reach for an afternoon buzz but this addict’s seen what being stoned does:

Lost my dreams, my will, my fight; conceded my pride, my promise, my light; let go my control, my grit, my might. All I got back is pain, weakness and blight.

4:20 today I’ll look at that clock, might think about bud but instead I’ll take stock, can’t reclaim what’s lost but infinity’s to gain, as I’m finally alive, no longer insane.

4:20 today I’ll deep breathe the air, slowly exhaling, without any despair. Purity offers a most pleasant high, no longer sedated, just getting by.

4:20 today I might feel a brief sting, growing tempted again to turn to Kush King. Experience shows false comfort he brings, past paths all reveal he clips down my wings.

4:20 passes then comes 4:21. Clear eyed and proud, I’ll look up to the sun. The 4:20 life, for me, at last done. Free at last, free at last, my life has begun!


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