A Flight of Faith

Flying through the air, the feeling is surreal. Hesitantly, I listened to my family’s appeal, heeded the voices silenced so long. Finally accepted everything’s wrong.

For years-even decades- tried to hold it together, hiding the cracks, covering my tracks. Perhaps I was “getting away with it all my life” but lately that song is gone.

Instead the line on rewind cries: “They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no.” But my family all begged, even twisted my leg, so now I’ll go, go, go.

No more hiding the cracks, let it all fall apart. Can’t keep it together, need to mend this torn heart. Only a first step but at least it’s a start.

Will this plane ever land? Up in the air, we trust in faith. Final destination’s unknown but I’ll learn how to wait. Trust in god, trust the unknown, someday I’ll return, from ashes new sprouts will have grown.

Done running away from all that I am. All that I’ve done. All I’ve become. I start my descent with no place to run. Soon I’ll touch down, once again on the earth. No further to fall, I sense my new birth.

On bent knees, once again, I’ll pray to be set free. Always flying on faith, towards a future new me.




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