Every day I’m born, every day I die; no longer my own slave, I’m free to touch the sky. Every day a choice of who we choose to be, every day a world unravels at our feet.

Every day I’m new, replacing the old me, whatever’s past I’m through- here’s where I want to be. I’m dancing on the grave of who you used to know, no time to shed a tear with places left to go.

Every day a path diverges in the woods; we wander through this land, who cares which way we should. Come walk away with me, before you fade and burn, forget all that we know, there’s so much more to learn.

With miles to go before we sleep, and darkness coming, we’re in woods deep. But have no fear when night will come, as shadows fade with setting sun. What disappears in dark of night, still reappears in morning light.

Every day we’re born, every day we die. Sun rises in the sky, then darkness fills the night.  Every day is life, every day is death- let’s seize every moment, breathe every breathe. This life’s running out, there’s no time to rest.