21 things I learned in 43 years of life

  1. Where I look determines what I see.
  2. Don’t know your role- define your role.
  3. Everybody has limitations.  God doesn’t.
  4. Sometimes ya gotta say fuck that shit.
  5. If you can only go right, learn to go left.
  6. Sobreity has its perks.
  7. Many people are amazingly self-involved. Lots of others aren’t. But everyone just wants to be loved.
  8. Before the blossoms comes the pruning.
  9. The universe is abundantly full.
  10. Balance takes constant work.
  11. Pain and failure are amazing teachers.
  12. Perfectly doing simple things is the complicated key.
  13. It’s not about where I am but who I am.
  14. Learn to listen to others, to yourself, to the world’s whispers– and especially its screams.
  15. Love is a choice not an emotion.
  16. Rehashing the past is a drag.  Fast-forwarding to the future devalues the now. Just be in the present.
  17. Asking for help and admitting weakness takes courage and strength.
  18. The process is more important than the product.
  19. If I focus on being me and letting you be you then we might be able to work things out.
  20. Ain’t nothing I know that I can’t learn more about.
  21. When I read this tomorrow, I’ll change some parts, question others, and want to add a little more.  And that’s okay.

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