Some morns I sleep, some morns I wake,

Some morns I dread when dawn will break.

Some hearts are torn, some hearts are bold,

Some hearts are fools, fighting the cold.

Some souls are lost, some souls are found,

Some souls rise up out of the ground.

Sometimes I search, sometimes I hide,

Sometimes I watch, my eyes open wide.

Some people hurt, some people heal,

Some people fear the feelings they feel.

Some leaders lead, some leaders lie,

Some leaders leave their herd asking “why?”

Some gods bring love, some gods spread hate,

Some gods proclaim it’s all up to fate.

Some love goes deep, some loves don’t last,

Some loves turn rabid, devouring the past.

Some days I sing, some days I dance,

Some days I wander ’round lost in a trance.

Some ways are wrong, some ways are right,

Some ways I stumble, looking for light.

Some nights I cry, some nights I scream,

Some nights I smile, immersed in a dream.

Some moments blur, some moments blind,

Some moments define what we leave behind.

Some darkness falls, some darkness hides,

Some darkness reveals bright light deep inside.